This is the beginning of the Pachyderm Patches page on this website. Over the next few years we hope to chronicle as many Pachyderm patches as we can find. Please, any Pachyderm veteran, help us build this page. Additionally, we need help with the patches currently displayed here. Our information is very incomplete. Without you it will never grow. Please contact the webmaster listed below to help us grow this page.

The first patch of the 200th Assault Support Helicopter Company. This is the patch that they started life with at Bear Cat in The Republic of South Vietnam.

First 200th unit patch.

I found this patch on the web. It was not uncommon for units in Vietnam to have "unofficial" patches. I do not know for sure that this is the case with this patch, but until July of 2012 I had never seen this patch. I have had a close relationship with Pachyderm veterans for nearly ten years and have never had anyone offer this patch for display.

Another 200th patch.

This is the first patch when the 200th left Bear Cat and moved North to Phu Bai. They were turned into A Company 159th ASHB, 101st Airborne. They remained at this location until they left Vietnam.

Another Vietnam era Pachyderm patch.

It is not known when this patch came into use. We need information on the origin of this patch. I know that somewhere along the line a Pachyderm veteran will view this page and remember this patch.

Another Vietnam patch.

This patch is believed to have been in use sometime during the last ten years. It is not clear at this moment what order this patch holds in the Pachyderm historical patch line up. Veterans, please help.

A Pachyderm patch from the last 15 years.

This patch is also from the last ten years. Again, we need help. Please, any veterans with any knowledge of this patch contact the webmaster.

Another recent patch.

Now it gets interesting. Given the "Political Correctness" of today's world I find it hard to believe that this patch would be an official Army patch. Also, there are female soldiers who are active crew members on these aircraft. Although they may well be good natured, this might ring somebody's bell. I would suspect that this is an unofficial patch. I could easily be wrong, but I would bet no money on this patch being official. Again, if anybody knows anything about this patch please contact the webmaster.

Believed to be recent Pachyderm unofficial patch.

This patch is in the vein of the one above. Again I think we are dealing with an unofficial patch. It is obviously a modification of the one above. It is also possible that the one above is a modification of this one. We are not sure of the order of creation.

Another recent unofficial Pachyderm patch.

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