The Pachyderm's Veterans Association is open to any current or past member of the Pachyderms. This includes any of the various names used over the years from the 200th ASHC, the beginning, to the current designation of B Company 6-101 GSAB. The unit numerical designation has changed many times over the years but the name has always been "The Pachyderms."

The association is a non-political group formed for the purpose of helping old Pachyderms find each other and to come together as comrades in arms. The association is further dedicated to insuring that Pachyderm history is preserved and passed on.

To that end the association will organize periodic reunions and publish a Pachyderm newsletter with articles of interest to Pachyderms past and present.

There are "NO DUES." It is our desire to maximize the listing of as many Pachydermss as possible for the greater good of the organization and the preservation of Pachyderm history.

Please visit our Guestbook and help us remember the past, support the present, and celebrate all the Pachyderms who have passed through our unit since the beginning.