The Unit was constituted on September 23rd, 1942 as the 2041st Quartermaster Truck Company, Aviation, and activated on October 1st, 1942 at March field, California.  During World War II, the company participated in the Rome-Arno Campaign.  The company was inactivated on January 5th 1946 at Naples, Italy.  On August 1st, 1946 it was converted and re-designated as the as the 2041st Transportation Corps Truck Company (Aviation) and on June 18th, 1966 as the 200th Aviation Company and allotted to the Regular Army.

The 200th Aviation Company (Medium Helicopter) was activated on September 1st, 1966 under para 1, GO 295, dated August 1st, 1966, Hq, TUSA, Fort Benning, Georgia.  The unit was organized under TO & E I-258-F and authorized 12 commissioned officers, 24 warrant officers, and 238 enlisted men.  On the same GO, the 611th Transportation Detachment (DS) was activated and became an integral part of the 200th Aviation Company.  Major William F. Lang Jr. assumed command on September 9th, 1966.  MSG Elmer S. Boone assumed the duties of First Sergeant of the 611th TC Det. And MSG Clifton acted as the First Sergeant for the 200th.

The 200th aviators were the first to undergo the new training phase set up by the 177th Aviation Company.  They received 25 hours basic plus 12 hours of advanced training in internal and external loads and instruments.  Major Albert W. Noel, Executive Officer, arrived on September 16th, 1966, and Major Charles R. Jones assumed command of the 611th Trans. Det.  On October 15th, 1966, the Army Aircraft Maintenance Training Assistance Program began.  Training was conducted by Boeing factory representatives.  On October 12th, 1966 19 aviators departed for CH-47 ground school at Fort Rucker, Alabama.  Major George A. Crowell was assigned on October 12th, 1966, and Major John E. Caron was assigned on October 15th, 1966.

Initial personnel overseas replacement was conducted between November 13 – 26, 1966.  First Sergeant Elmer S. Boone reenlisted in a Chinook at 10,000 feet on November 17th, 1966.  Major Caron and Major Emmer assumed duties of 1st and 2nd flight platoon commanders respectively.  Major Mark C. Kendall became Service Platoon Leader.

On December 12th, 1966 the unit received its first Chinook, 66-0100.  The unit logged 242 flight hours by December 31st in crew training.  A unit field training exercise was conducted on January 4 – 7, 1967 under supervision of the 37th Aviation Battalion (Prov).  An Organizational Readiness Test was conducted about the same time and the 200th was rated superior.  The later part of January was spent in maintenance and ferrying the aircraft to Sharpe Army Depot.  On the morning of January 29th, 1967, the first aircraft departed.